Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids



  • Fat Albert Jackson — Voiced by Bill Cosby, based on his childhood friend Albert Robertson. The main character in the series, Fat Albert is the heart and soul — and often the conscience — of the Junkyard Gang; though he is depicted as being obese, he remains active through his love of sports, often taking part in different games along with the rest of the gang. Fat Albert works hard to maintain integrity in the gang and with others, and plays bagpipes/accordion (made from a radiator and an airbag) in the Junkyard Band.
  • Mushmouth — Voiced by Bill Cosby. A chinless, linguistically-challenged simpleton who always spoke in virtualUbbi Dubbi, tantamount to an overdose of novocaine in the mouth, which Cosby would later use in the "Dentist" monologue from his 1983 film, Himself. Mushmouth plays a homemade bass guitar in the Junkyard Band.
  • Dumb Donald — Voiced by Lou Scheimer. A lanky but dimwitted fellow; he always wears a green long-sleeved jersey three sizes too big, and a pink stocking cap covering his entire face except his eyes and mouth. In the Junkyard Band, Dumb Donald plays a trombone made out of plumbers' pipe and a morning glory horn from an old Victrola.
  • Bill Cosby — Voiced by himself. A character based on himself. Like the others, Bill is an all-around good athlete, but more often he spends his time trying, though not always successfully, to keep his little brother Russell out of trouble. Like Fat Albert, Bill is usually the voice of reason in the gang. In the Junkyard Band Bill plays homemade drums made from a discarded foot-pedal trash can using spoons for sticks.
  • Russell Cosby — Voiced by Jan Crawford. Bill's little brother (named after Cosby's real-life brother, whom he often talked about in his monologues) and the smallest and youngest of the Junkyard Gang. He always wears a heavy jacket, boots and a Ushanka winter hat regardless of the weather. Russell has a penchant for telling things like they are, much to his older brother's consternation. Russell plays the xylophone in the Junkyard Band (made out of empty cans and a discarded coat rack).
  • Weird Harold — Voiced by Gerald Edwards. A tall, skinny, beady-eyed kid who always wears a yellowish-brown dress blazer, a brown sock on one foot and a red sock on the other. Harold is usually clumsy. In the Junkyard Band, Weird Harold plays a harp made from bedsprings, and on occasion plays a "dressmaker dummy" in the percussion section. In the film adaptation, he is called Old Weird Harold rather than Weird Harold.
  • Rudy Davis — Voiced by Eric Suter. A sharply-dressed smooth-talker and huckster antagonist whose smart-alecky attitude is always getting him into trouble more often than out of it. But to his credit, Rudy has a good heart and often learns his lesson. In the Junkyard Band, Rudy plays a makeshift banjo, whose parts include a broomstick handle and sewing-thread spool to hold the strings. However, when shown playing apart from the others, Rudy plays a real musical instrument: an electric guitar.
  • Bucky — Voiced by Jan Crawford. As his name indicates, Bucky has a large overbite. Bucky plays a stovepipe organ in the Junkyard Band.

Recurring characters

  • Mrs. Bryfogel  The kids' first teacher and mentor, a matronly black woman. In the "Brown Hornet" and "Legal Eagle" years, the kids went to a different school where their teacher and mentor was Miss Wucher, a blond Caucasian. (Interestingly enough, both characters were voiced by the same actress, Jay Scheimer, wife of executive producer Lou Scheimer)
  • Mudfoot Brown — An old sage and unemployed vagrant who gives advice to the gang, often using reverse psychology to get his point across. (Also voiced by Bill Cosby.)
  • The Brown Hornet — A Show-within-a-show about an African-American superhero (a parody of The Green Hornet), whose cartoons were watched regularly by the gang. The title character was voiced by Bill Cosby.
    • Stinger — The Brown Hornet's beefy sidekick whose gruff exterior masks a soft heart. (Voiced by Lou Scheimer.)
    • Tweeterbell  — A female robot assistant to The Brown Hornet and Stinger. (Voiced by Erika Scheimer, daughter of Lou and Jay.)
  • Legal Eagle — Another show-within-a-show, involving a crime-fighting cartoon bird and two lazy squirrel underlings.
  • Margene — A white classmate and good friend of Fat Albert's. In one episode she and Albert ran for co-president of the Student Council and beat out two other candidates, both of whom were running on platforms of racism (one was black, the other Caucasian). A straight-A student, Margene occasionally got in with the wrong people but always managed to rebound; in a different episode she got hooked on drugs, and in another she got innocently involved in a violent white supremacy cult.
  • Dennis — The skinny kid that followed all the bigger kids around.
  • The Three River Blockbusters — The Junkyard Gang's main rival when it comes to competing in sports such as baseball and football. The Blockbusters stole the title of being champions in a competition called "buck buck".
  • Pee Wee — A small boy who looks up to Fat Albert and the gang. While being small in stature, his best athletic skill is kicking a football at a long distance. When the bigger kids could not get anything out of a tight crevice, Pee Wee is there to retrieve it.